Jake Hancock: Photographer

I was 13 when I got my first SLR camera, a Canon AE-1 Program which had a broken light meter and only a 50mm lens.  To this day, it has been my favorite camera. The AE-1 stayed with me and continued to produce images until 2003.  Having started with Canon cameras, I continue to use Canon equipment to this day.

Intimidation Factory was born as my photographic and artistic outlet. I do all of my work under this name. It is my studio, my sanctuary, my home of escape.

In my personal photography; when I work with models, I like to get to know the person on the other end of my lens. A deeper understanding of the persona, that is my subject, allows me to build a shoot that is more aligned with the subject’s quirks. This, ultimately, produces the best images as a model will let go of facades and show the person they truly are. In affect, the resulting photos will stir and move the audience. In a way, I am capturing people for who they are. This really excites me.

I, truly, enjoy every aspect of photography as it is both art and science wrapped up in on robust package. Since the 1800’s, it has been argued that photography is only a recording medium and not an art; However, I believe that the art is based on intent and not the tools or medium. Photography is so much more than just capturing a moment in time, rather emotion and feeling can be recorded, evoked and replayed. Entire stories can be played out in a single image and never a word or sound will come from the displayed image. It is through antiquated, alternative and contempory processes that I explore what is possible in photography.