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Wet Plate Photography Workshops: Taught by Dale Bernstein.

Wet Plate Photography

Workshop Wet Plate Photography – Jake Hancock 2013

This workshop will be an intensive, hands-on, introduction to the wet plate collodion process. The historic wet plate collodion process was developed in 1851 by Frederic Scott Archer and soon popularized photography around the world. Currently, the wet plate collodion process is undergoing a renaissance in the fine art photography world and is being practiced in American Civil War reenactments.

Workshop students will gain an understanding and appreciation  of the process and a solid basis for shooting wet plates on their own. All students will be able to create tintypes to take home with them as well as the understanding of how to make ambrotypes and glass negatives.

Day 1 –

  • History, materials, safety, choosing cameras and lenses.
  • Suppliers, literature and online resources.
  • Studio/ Feild Practice of wet plate photography

Day 2 –

  • Intensive hands-on session; All students will perform the complete wet plate process and learn camera/ lens operation.
  • Coating, sensitizing, exposing, developing, fixing, washing and varnishing.
  • Create portrait and still life plates.

Previous photography knowledge helpful, but not required.
Cost $500.00 USD Includes all materials.
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