Personal Projects


Black Arts - Wet Plate

In the mid 1800's wet plate photography became know as the "Black Arts' due to the dark stains left on the hands of photographers by the silver nitrate solution. Often times, wet plate photographers were known as "Black Paws" for the very same reason.
untitled-9979Canon EOS 5D Mark II-Edit.jpg

IR Erotic

This is all about erotic imagery shot with an infrared camera or film stock. This is an on going project and I am always seeking models for this project.

Alt Process and Photography

Once Eastman Kodak established their photographic processes as the standard, They deemed all other photographic processes as "Alternative." In reality, these processes are historic photographic techniques. Currently, I am working with pin-hole and wet-plate collodion photography while printing cyanotype, gum bichromate and albumen prints.
Canon EOS 5D Mark III-H22A2609-Edit.jpg

Hidden Worlds: Extreme Macro Project

"The human eye can see extraordinary detail, but the eye of a needle held at arm’s length is pretty much at the limit of our vision. Anything smaller is simply invisible, at least to the naked eye? But what if we could see this hidden world all around us in greater detail and magnification than ever before? How different would our familiar surroundings then seem?" -Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds, BBC