Squishy Ambitions

One of my friends, in Portland, had recently opened a new webstore featuring his work. I wanted to pass it along to my readers. Kenneth is an imaginative artist who works in many mediums and his recent creation, Squishy Ambitions, does not disappoint.

“Squishy Ambitions is a virtual world with five colorful characters.
The hero and main character is Squishy, a happy reanimated skeleton
with an obsession with brightening his environment and being happy.
With help from a patchwork cat named Cupcake that he found after the
glitter and rainbows settled from an explosion at the cute cat
factory, they will use art to brighten up a diffused and muted world.
A world controlled by Richard the all seeing corporate entity, and is
enforced by Spike a teddy bear reformed to do mischief and mayhem
under order of Richard. Squishy and Cupcake are not alone they have
the help of the all knowing Thaddeus hare. Like a guardian angel he
shows up when he is needed, he is everywhere he needs to be. These
characters are being used to make designs and stories for all ages.” -K

The first time I went to his site, I spent, at least, an hour looking through all theĀ  characters before I really noticed the product. I know that the fact that there is product obvious, but I like getting lost in worlds. Please visit Squishy Ambitions at www.SquishyAmbitions.com and support an artist. I am certain that you will not be disappointed!

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