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Adventures with a Polaroid Land Camera

IMG_0001After having a good visit with my Dad, this weekend,  I went out with with my Polaroid Land Camera and took some photos. With the wife in tow, we took a stroll through the IMA grounds; Surprisingly, I was not hassled by security.

The photo to the left is one of the famous pieces on the grounds that was created by Robert Indiana.  It has been photographed so much that I thought I would take one more as cliche. In this photo, I think the lens flair adds that certain Polaroid feel; I am really not sure how to explain it.

Most Land Cameras are a cheap range finder system; This means that there no real focus and you are using a distance scale on the lens. That being said, you are bound to get a lot of soft focus photographs when you shoot. I think that is part of the fun in shooting with these cameras. Further more, you have a print in hand when it is all said and done.

I really love the look that the old Land Cameras give, especially with black and white instant film. All photos are unfiltered and have not been touched in Photoshop.


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