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Wet Plate Prepping

Salted Collodion

Salted Collodion

Woke up this morning and mixed a fresh batch of collodion for shooting some plates. I had just enough dyethel ether left to mix 600 ml.  Once I got it all mixed, I added about 50 ml of my old collodion to the mix, capped it off and put it in my chemical cooler to age for a week.  I am hoping that time and weather allows for me to do some test shots next week end!

In the mean time, I have some work to do my newest camera.  10″ x 12″ Vageeswari field camera (Vag for short). This camera was built specifically for plate photography. While it is, generally, in good shape; I have to replace a couple missing screws and make some plate inserts so that I can shoot in different sizes other than 10′ x 12′. I am really excited and can not wait to shoot some plates with this camera. As a side note, I named the camera Celeste (After a Project Pitchfork song).

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Another workshop comes to a close.

Over the last weekend, I provided the space for Dale Bernstein to teach one of his Wet Plate Collodion workshops. It was a good time had by all! I am very happy to say that my studio smells of ether and lavender right now.

During the workshop, I managed to shoot a couple of test plates with my Panolga™ (Panoramic Holga) and I am very pleased with the results.  There was not enough light to shoot hand held but the proof of concept was a portable solution to take to the parks when I do not feel like lugging the large format gear around.

35 second exposure Tin Type

35 second exposure Tin Type

8 Second Exposure Tinetype

8 Second Exposure Tin Type

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