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Tintypes and Junk

1426177_736490876380951_478322056_nEarlier this month I had a weekend of wet plate love. I did run into two problems that, combined, created a feeling of create frustration The symptom of these problems was a plate with only hints of am image.

No matter how well or bad things go with shooting plates, it is still a labor of love. You never know if the photography gods are shining down on you, or if your are just inhaling too much ether. In the end, it keeps me off the streets at night; And that is definitely a good thing.

Problem 1: Exposure

Up to  this point, I have been using my Graflex with it’s original lens to shoot plates.  On this day, I decided to break out my Omega 45d with a much newer Rodenstock lens. The problem here is that the new lens has a coating on it that blocks a lot of UV light, which wet plate is sensitive to. This alone took my from 5 second exposures (on the Graflex) to 7 minute exposures with the newer equipment.

Problem 2: Developer

I had just run out of developer and needed to make some more. Jody Ake had a neat recipe that I thought I would try. Iron Sulfate, Vinegar and Sugar in proper proportions. Unfortunately, I added too much iron sulfate; This made the developer too aggressive and thus ate away at the image. To correct, I added small amount of glacial acetic acid to restrain the developer and that did the trick.

Though the hole thing was very frustrating, I am very happy with some of the resulting tintypes.

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IR Erotic Project, Making Progress.

rosesThis weekend, I had my second shoot for the IR Erotic project. I want to thank Niki for her participation in the project and I look forward to working with her again!

This is one of my personal, and on going, photo projects that I am aiming for publication and gallery showing. The premise is simple, erotic imagery that is photographed in infrared. To the left is one of my favorite images from Friday night’s the shoot.

I have been shooting in infrared since 2000. Most of this has been analog photography. Only, with in the last 5 years have I been shooting infrared in digital. While I still love to shoot what is left of my IR Film, I am working with a modified canon 5D Mark II. This camera will only shoot in infrared now.

You can follow my projects here: Personal Photography Projects

If you are local to the Indianapolis Area and wish to participate in the project as a model; Please do not hesitate to contact me.


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