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A day on the farm – Indiana Horse Rescue

Last Friday, I took a day off to spend some time with my wife. The morning was spent running around town so I could pick up some cases for my wet plate photography gear, as well as some supplies. By 12:30 we were on our way to Frankfort, Indiana to meet a dear friend who works the Indiana Horse Rescue.

The trip there was OK, that is until our navigation freaked out and took us all over Frankfort proper. That is OK, because Jaime found us and took us right to the rescue. While their, my wife got to ride one of the horses. Koke, the horse, was a pleasant little guy who was surrendered by the owner with the reasoning that the horse bucked. The truth of the matter is that Koke was quite docile and really preferred to eat grass and smell poop. Such a dangerous horse (SARCASM). If we had the land and the time to devote,… I am sure we would have come home with a horse that day.

The Indiana Horse Rescue currently has 24 horses housed on 27 acres of land; And there is currently a waiting list of horses to get into the facility.

“Indiana Horse Rescue is the Equine Division of Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare. Indiana Horse Rescue is, to date, Indiana’s largest equine rescue operation. We pride ourselves in providing quality care to those horses that are in search of a new permanent home. We are an ALL breed rescue that serves horses throughout the state and region. Indiana Horse Rescue is NOT state funded. We survive with the generosity of individual donors, fundraising efforts and the dedication of our volunteers. To learn more about Indiana Horse Rescue and its facilities, check out, or follow us on facebook at Indiana Horse Rescue Central and Indiana Horse Rescue Southwest” -Jamie S. with the Indiana Horse Rescue

Jamie continues on to say “……we need donations. For hay, for roofing, for vehicle repairs. And we need for our horses to find their own places to call home where they get the one-on-one attention they all deserve.”

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