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Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff + Robert Mapplethorpe

Last night, I was looking for a documentary on Richard Avedon on netflix or Amazon Instant Video and ended up finding this gem. “Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff + Robert Mapplethorpe” is an interesting piece that covers a lot of material on these two people who are still a heavy influence on art community. As an added bonus,  Patti Smith has an integral role in the telling of this story.

Ingrid Sischy’s interviews were the most grating in the documentary. At first it sounded like she was out to demonize Robert Mapplethorpe and then at the end, she turned on Sam Wagstaff. Most of her comments were contrary to anything that I had read on either individual.

Despite Ingrid, the work was well done and quite informative. I would recommend this film to anyone wanting to garner more information  on either Mapplethorpe or Wagstaff (or even on american art culture).

One reviewer states, “The footage about the deaths of these two men from AIDS, Wagstaff in 1987 and Mapplethorpe in 1989. is of course terribly sad as is the way this film ends with the names and dates of their deaths of the many artists in all fields who died of this horrific disease. The voice-over reminds us that they are irreplaceable.” These statements could not be more true.

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Just a quick update.

Voodoo WitchIt has been long week and I have felt that my energy has been draining rapidly. Everything has seemed, an unnecessary, battle. Last weekend, we had to cancel all of our shoots due to issues with heat in the house; I do not take shoot cancellations lightly.

On the other hand, this weekend, I have been able to clean the home studio and get a lot of organization completed so that I can work again.

What is the difference between my home studio and the studio at the Stutz? The studio at the Stutz is where I work with models, lighting and the like. My home studio is where I edit images, work on my painting and even work on traditional/alternative print making from digital negatives.


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