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5d Mark III and other stuff

Canon 5D Mark III

Credit: Canon

Well, I received my Canon 5D Mark III last week and I am giddy as a school girl.  Given that I have been using the Rebel series for some time now, I am trying to get used to the controls and the difference in weight. And believe me, those are some big changes. On a happy note, It reminds me a lot of using my old Canon Elan with its beefy grip and control style.

All in all, I am happy I spent the money. Something that I do not say often as I am a miser who often gets buyer’s regret before I even make the purchase. I will be posting some images soon that result from 5DIII play time as well as my review of the Promote Control.

I also, recently purchased some of the Karl Taylor videos. Once I get a chance to view them, I will post my thoughts on the subject.


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Updates on the move to Oregon

This has been a really eventful week.  On Tuesday, my Canon 5D Mark III arrived at my home and that sent me reeling; More on that later. Then on Wednesday, I found a house on the Oregon/Washington  MLS system that my wife and I both really liked. Sadly that house now has a pending sale.  The good news is that we have found a number of homes in the area that we mutually agree on, which is rare. At this point I have not even been looking at studio space as I am hoping to find a house that has a enough square footage to put in a home studio or at least enough land to build one.

We are progressing along and I am hoping to actually complete the move process prior to the three year mark.

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Squishy Ambitions

One of my friends, in Portland, had recently opened a new webstore featuring his work. I wanted to pass it along to my readers. Kenneth is an imaginative artist who works in many mediums and his recent creation, Squishy Ambitions, does not disappoint.

“Squishy Ambitions is a virtual world with five colorful characters.
The hero and main character is Squishy, a happy reanimated skeleton
with an obsession with brightening his environment and being happy.
With help from a patchwork cat named Cupcake that he found after the
glitter and rainbows settled from an explosion at the cute cat
factory, they will use art to brighten up a diffused and muted world.
A world controlled by Richard the all seeing corporate entity, and is
enforced by Spike a teddy bear reformed to do mischief and mayhem
under order of Richard. Squishy and Cupcake are not alone they have
the help of the all knowing Thaddeus hare. Like a guardian angel he
shows up when he is needed, he is everywhere he needs to be. These
characters are being used to make designs and stories for all ages.” -K

The first time I went to his site, I spent, at least, an hour looking through all the  characters before I really noticed the product. I know that the fact that there is product obvious, but I like getting lost in worlds. Please visit Squishy Ambitions at and support an artist. I am certain that you will not be disappointed!

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Daily Shoot Ideas – In the City

Continuing this series of daily shoot Ideas, I present you with things to do in the city. This is an opportunity to explore your city and surrounding areas. Grab your gear and hit the streets.

  • City Landmarks and monuments
  • Architecture and Interiors
  • Skyline Sunsets
  • Streets and buildings

The above bullet points pretty much say it all. When you are out, find those interesting scenes in your town and shoot them. Photograph local landmarks, monuments, buildings of interest.

Head out after dark and capture some night photos of your city or town Most towns have lighting displays during the Christmas season… go out and get them. You can even get some nice urban sunsets while you are out there.

Another thought is to pick some land marks and photograph them through out the year. Show the changes of the seasons and how they affect the mood and feel of a location.

Another option is to go into buildings and shoot the interiors. Photographer, Brian Matiash, will go into abandoned warehouses and shoot some beautiful HDR photographs. He will play with perspective and composition. Check out his website and get some ideas from his work.

Hit the streets and start shooting up your city with your camera. There are lots of things to shoot in any town or city and I am confident that you can find them!  This is one of those daily shoots that can also server to brake you away from the confines of your office, studio or house. Enjoy some of that weather and happy shooting!

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