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Festival of the Lanterns

Last night, the wife and I got dressed up to go to the Festival of the Lanterns; There was to be a ball with a jazz band, as well as foods. Well, there was a band and a few couples dancing, but no food up to the point we left at 9:30 PM. In fact, the most action was the setting up for the next day’s events.

Earlier in the evening I was able to snap this photo with my Powershot G12.

Copyright Intimidation Factory

Puppy napping at the Festival of the Lanterns. Taken with a Canon Powershot G12

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Ever wonder how the lens of your camera is made?

The lens is often considered the first things that you look at when seriously considering a camera purchase. Does brand X camera have the glass quality to produce the work you are wanting to do? Below are some videos that illustrate how the Canon EF 500 is made. While it is not entertaining, the video series is informative.


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Studio Space

Tuesday 9-AUG-11
I went out with Jesse from the Deviant Dragon studio and looked at a potential studio. While the price was right, the space was not a good fit for us. The walls were thin and conversation could be heard by other tenants; As well, every wall had a logistical problem. While we are looking for a space, we still have needs.

Wednesday 10-AUG-11
I have started talking to a gentleman about a building near Butler University. It is an old brick building with a lot of character. I have not seen the inside of the building yet, but based on the stats he has given me, it looks like it could be a good fit. Crossing fingers that everything falls together.

I know that it has been a while since I have posted to the blog. I have been working on some digital art for my RedBubble store as well as trying to work out other odds and ends. It has been a busy summer of doing everything but what I want to do. I have also changed the them of this blog as the last one was difficult to manage by means of galleries.  Please bare with me as get things moving again with the site as well as with the studio.

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