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Kiss Me Dark – Indy Horror Movie

“Kiss Me Dark is a suspenseful psychological thriller detailing the bizarre love triangle of a killer, his dead lover, and Death. Parrish had the perfect relationship until he lost his Amara, on a night of true horror. Parrish, still in shock, has a hard time accepting Amara’s death…. and so does Amara as she discovers she’s existing in a surreal purgatory with Parrish’s heart beating strongly for her on one side but the dangerous embrace of Death-manifest on the other side. We’ve all felt as puppets in this great drama of life but this story is different, as is further unfolds we learn who is really pulling the strings in a trail of haunted murders that connects the tangled lives of the characters in this drama.”

The project is currently in preproduction and is looking promising, Director, Acid PopTart (Anastasia Heonis) has recently posted an opportunity for everyone to front some money to help with the film project. In a manner of speaking, this is your chance to get a feature film off the ground and moving forward.

Get more info and feeds: Facebook

Help fund the project: Kickstart Page

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Sat Com bag for strobists

In an effort to create kit that I can just grab-and-go, I picked up a Sat Com bag from County Comm to accommodate my strobist lighting kit. Their shipping was quick but note that County Comm does tend to sell out of items quickly. Once in stock, it is certainly worth the wait and effort in stalking their web site.

In general, I love tactical gear for carrying equipment.  Not only is it build to withstand punishment but it is expandable via MOLLE attachments. This is something that any photographer will find useful.

Stats From County Comm:

  • 1″ MOLLE webbing on 3 sides of the backpack and strap to allow you to add pouches so your bag can change with your mission.
  • 3” x 5” Velcro Loop patch to allow you to attach name tapes, contents labels or
    Padded Adjustable shoulder strap allows bag to be worn around waist when needed.
  • Double YKK brand zipper openings on the backside of pack.
    Quality materials used throughout: YKK Zippers, ITW Nexus SR (Side Release) Buckles and Real Velcro.
  • Two each, double zippered side compartments.
  • The internal cable pocket is ideal for water bladders. (Bladder not included) making this bladder compatible.
  • Colors: Coyote Brown Or ACU Grey
  • Size – 6″W x  6″D   26″L

This Bag is roomy enough to hold my basic strobist lighting kit which contains everything I need to light a subject on short notice or for use with  guerrilla photography on the move. While it has that capacity to carry more than you would need and is durable enough to carry a heavy load; The bag had a wide shoulder strap which is exceptionally comfortable.  Out in the field, I have quick access to the tools of my trade and everything is well protected.

  • 2 Conon Speedlite 580ex II strobes
  • 2 Canon Speedlite 480ex II strobes
  • 3 JTL 300 light stands
  • 2 Gary Fong collapsible light spheres
  • Aputure Trigmaster Transmitter and receivers
  • 2 Umbrella’s

If you are in the market for a compact bag for strobist work, you should check out their site!  In the near future, I will certainly be placing more orders with them.

Visit County Comm

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Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II

From CanonRumors:

24-70 f/2.8L II
Apparently 5 versions of this lens exist. A few even have IS. It is slated for a 2011 announcement. The patent we’ve seen says no IS.

This is a Canon  lens that I would love to get my grubby hands on.

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