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Lighting Studio for Android – Free App!

Screen Shot

Lighting Studio for Droid

Every where I look there is plenty of photography love for the Iphone. I, myself prefer Google Android and own a first generation Motorola Droid. I love the phone and now I love it more. I can now create lighting diagrams while out and about with a free app called Lighting Studio.

Jianzhong Li has written a useful little app that I just started using last night while lying in bed. Lighting Studio allowed me to quickly set up a lighting diagram and save it as a png file. Other options were to share my diagram on my social networks or to send via SMS messaging.

While not every piece of equipment you own may be in the selection menu, there is a good cross section and one can find something comparable for use. I have a feeling that I will be using this app for a good long while, and I am hoping that it will work well with droid tablets.

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New toys arriving left and right….

So,.. late Feburary, I placed some orders for new gear and supporting equipment. These orders are arriving daily now. I am excited to get to work using the new equipment.

Among the shiny new toys are:

  • Backdrop paper (White, Grey and black).
  • Aperture Trigger Master (camera and strobe trigger system).
  • Two 580ex Speedlite strobes and IR-ETTL remote trigger.
  • Two painted muslin backdrops.
  • Some Gary Fong Light Spheres.
  • An assortment of books for photography and pleasure reading.
  • 15 mm F1.5 Fisheye lens
  • Last but not least, my first L Series lens. 24 mm Tilt Shift Lens.

As I go through and start using some of the gear, I will certainly write some reviews. It will be a fun year of shooting with new toys and much needed equipment! I must thank my wife for encouraging me to make the orders.

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