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You must have a really great camera!

After showing off photos in my portfolio, I have heard (Many Many Times), “You must have a really great camera!” It is easy for people to think that a camera is responsible for the image you are looking at, but this is only a part of the story. A great photo is mostly the creativity, skill and work of the photographer and saying the camera takes good photos is a kin to saying a sharp shooter’s rifle is responsible for the kill shot.

In many cases, I am using below average gear and antiquated equipment to do my work. For example, I often will use an Holga during my shoots. An Holga is a toy camera that happens to take medium format film and has 2 or three settings. This is by no means a great camera, except that it produces some interesting images through the distorted plastic lens.

Remember to put all of yourself into your work and use the equipment as a tool and not an excuse.

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