Tips for Models.

Good help is hard to find. I am sure you have heard that adage before. Strangely, it applies to modeling and photography as it does any thing else. Below is a short list of tips this will help both you and the photographer. Bare in mind that this is, by no means, a complete list but some suggestions for a good shoot and continued work. … Continue readingTips for Models.

Shoot, But Don’t Touch!

In this day in age, photographers have enough problems. The unfortunate part of being a photographer is that once you present yourself as such to a model, you are are burdened with a stereo-type of being a creepy pervert. Sadly, there are enough sexual predators out there that use the title, “Photographer,” that it has created the stereo type that all professionals must live down to. … Continue readingShoot, But Don’t Touch!

Ten Tips for Better Photos…

Years ago, Kodak released a pamphlet of ten tips to improve your photos. The information that Kodak provided is nothing new and is something that is known by professional photographers. These tips will help improve your snap shots or your professional work. If you practice these tips on a regular basis, they will become second nature to you. More importantly, thinking about them as you take photos will noticeably improve your end results. … Continue readingTen Tips for Better Photos…

That Evil “On Camera Flash.”

On camera flashes are the bane of all existence. OK,.. perhaps that is too harsh, but it is not as harsh as the unflattering light that is produced from these flashes. In every case, an unmodified on camera flash will flatten your subject and wash them out. In effect, you end up with an unflattering photo. And the sad thing is that most of the cameras that are made today have a flash built right in to it. On a Digital SLR with a long lens, you will get the added benefit of the flash creating an arcing shadow from your lens. … Continue readingThat Evil “On Camera Flash.”