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Another workshop comes to a close.

Over the last weekend, I provided the space for Dale Bernstein to teach one of his Wet Plate Collodion workshops. It was a good time had by all! I am very happy to say that my studio smells of ether and lavender right now.

During the workshop, I managed to shoot a couple of test plates with my Panolga™ (Panoramic Holga) and I am very pleased with the results.  There was not enough light to shoot hand held but the proof of concept was a portable solution to take to the parks when I do not feel like lugging the large format gear around.

35 second exposure Tin Type

35 second exposure Tin Type

8 Second Exposure Tinetype

8 Second Exposure Tin Type

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Down the Rabbit Hole (Indiana Burners)

208508_602033043160069_1362710083_nOn Saturday 9-MAR-2013, the Indiana Burners held an event at Indy’s Jukebox to raise funds for a Burning Man Core Project. I was invited by a friend, whom is one of the organizers of this project, to share in the experience of this event and take photos.

INchanted Forest: CORE 2013
The Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) at Burning Man is comprised of dozens of wooden effigies created by Burning Man Regional groups from around the world. The CORE Project is a celebration of Burning Man’s Regional Network and of the work that groups throughout the world are doing to nurture and support the Burning Man ethos as a global cultural movement. This year, Indiana area burners are creating an “enchanted forest” to represent our beautiful region and ever-growing community of burners. Learn more at

It was a quite entertaining evening with many performances and DJ’s; And, the lovely, Harley Dren as the the Mistress of Ceremonies…  I was happy to reconnect with a friend that I had not seen in almost 10 years, Mojo the Human Freak (I love my Side Show Friends). Beyond the photography, I had a great time.



Psynapse, Justin Haus, Zach Main, Taylor Norris, David Owen


  • Belly Dancing by Indy Tribal
  • Super Secret Sideshow featuring Mojo the Human Freak and Rash the Clown
  • Suspension performance by Kaa and Suki
  • Fire Spinning by Sacred Circles
  • Live Painting (with YOU!) by our very own lovely Martine

I am not unfamiliar, by any means, of shooting events and performers; But this is the first time I have done so sans a flash. Not to mention this was the first event I have taken my 5D Mark III to. I must say, that I was really nervous to shoot with out my flash but I also knew that the Mark III performs well in low low light. I did, however, have my 530 EX II but only used the focus assist beam to help attain sharp focus.

Previous events that I have worked were shot with a 1st generation Canon Digital Rebel or the Canon T1i; Neither of which are spectacular in low light action conditions. Both of these cameras use the pop-up flash for focus assist and a lot of  moments are lost in the focus hunt. The 5D Mark III , on the other hand, handled like a 1969 GTO Judge and powered through the event with more muscle than can be found in UFC gym.  I am quite pleased…

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