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Help Save Linnea Quigley’s Family Home

Linnea QuigleySilent Night Deadly Night, Creepozoids, Return Of The Living Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and Night Of The Demons all have this woman in common; The Scream Queen of them all, Linnea Quigley. This horror icon has befallen some difficult times and is asking for help to repair her family home. I know from experience, that asking for help is not the easiest thing to do; However, Linnea is reaching out. I have been a, long time, fan of Linnea’s and followed her rolls for sometime now.  My first exposure to her was in Return of the Living Dead portraying Trash.  30 years later and I still have magazines with articles and stories, about Linnea, laying around the house. With over 100 films under her belt and more in production and post; I hope that one day she can find time to visit the [I.F.] Studio. Linnea sums up her situation;

Hello friends and fans. My name is Linnea Quigley. America’s Scream Queen. I have been in over 100 movies including Return Of The Living Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and Night Of The Demons, to name only a few.

Several years ago I put my career on hold and moved into my parents house to take care of them. While taking care of them my money was soon depleted and the family home developed a serious roof problem. I tried many ways to get the money to repair it but nothing worked. My parents have passed and I recently started back to work but just can’t come up with the money fast enough to save the house.

Last week I got an estimate from a local general contractor. It’s going to cost $10,000 to fix the roof and $5,000 – $8,000 to fix the damage inside the house. The drywall has fallen from the ceiling and wall in places. My clothes and other things are being ruined. There is black mold in several places now too.  I’m an animal lover and have rescued many animals and several of them share the house with me. I ask that you please help me save my family home and give me and my rescued animals a safe place to live. Thank you!

Linnea and one of her pups

Love, Linnea Quigley

Linnea is, and has been, involved in three things that are near to my heart; Horror movies, modelling and animal rescue.  I ask that my readers take a moment and help Linnea out. You don’t have to give a fortune, $5, $10, $20 even $100 will help her out immensely. If you can not afford to  afford to give any monetary assistance, simply share her funding page with you friends.

To help Linnea Quigley, go to her GoFundMe page:

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New vehicle for the studio.

1979 Grumman OlsonLast night I went out and bought a 1979 Grumman Olson GMC 30 Step Van for the studio. She has a new transmission, an engine with less that 5,000 miles. She needs a little love and tenderness but still has many good years of service ahead of her.

The drive home was a little dicey at times. There is about 8″ of play in the steering and the breaks are really spongy. Beyond that, I had not driven a 4 speed manual since I was 18 (That was over 20 years ago). All in all, I am happy with the purchase and will be working on this old girl for most of the summer.

Some thing that need work; This will get me a good start.

  • She needs a bath
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • side doors need tightened up
  • all door handles need replaced
  • Bumpers need straightened out
  • Shelving needs to be removed

Once I get done with her, she will be a mobile office, camper and wet plate dark room. She will also be key in moving us to Portland, Oregon. The one thing I wanted, that was not met by this vehicle, is a diesel  engine. I am not going to cry too much over that. For now, I must go get some coffee and finish waking up.

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Wet Plate Prepping

Salted Collodion

Salted Collodion

Woke up this morning and mixed a fresh batch of collodion for shooting some plates. I had just enough dyethel ether left to mix 600 ml.  Once I got it all mixed, I added about 50 ml of my old collodion to the mix, capped it off and put it in my chemical cooler to age for a week.  I am hoping that time and weather allows for me to do some test shots next week end!

In the mean time, I have some work to do my newest camera.  10″ x 12″ Vageeswari field camera (Vag for short). This camera was built specifically for plate photography. While it is, generally, in good shape; I have to replace a couple missing screws and make some plate inserts so that I can shoot in different sizes other than 10′ x 12′. I am really excited and can not wait to shoot some plates with this camera. As a side note, I named the camera Celeste (After a Project Pitchfork song).

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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 28-APR-2013

PinholeTest2 021 copy In a little over a week, Sunday April 28th,  Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day will be upon us. What is the Worldwide Pinhole Photography day? It is an international event created to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photography. I encourage anyone, whom has the means, to participate and create their own masterpiece!!! Pinhole photography allows us take some time off from the increasingly technological world we live in and to participate in the simplistic art form and to share their visions while spreading the dream like images of this historical photographic process.

Visit the links below for more information:

In my camera arsenal, I have several options for pinhole cameras. Among those options are:

  • a custom made cherry wood 4×5,
  • a Zero Image Zone45 camera.
  • a Canon body cap pinhole for my DSLRs.
  • an Holga pinhole lens made to fit Canon cameras.

Pinhole photography can be loads of fun and very relaxing. I hope that you join the masses and take some photos of your own!

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Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh


Happy Saint Patty’s Day, folks! I know it was just a couple of days ago that everyone was worried about getting stabbed 23 times; But now that we have survived the Ides of March, we can kick back a couple of beers with our pals and relax a bit.

I am not Irish, but you can still kiss me anyway; Don’t go and pinch me though.  I can’t afford the plane ticket to kiss the Blarney Stone and I am having a hard time finding a leprechaun.  I really need to catch one of those little guys and make him tell me where his pot of gold is at. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky!

If you are so inclined check out the article on about St. Patty’s day

I will, likely, lock myself away in my home studio today and drink something stout while listening to some Flogging Molly or the Pogues. As a general rule, I do not typically go out on major drinking holidays. I know,.. so boring. Who knows, I may grab the wife and head over to the Chatham Tap for a round as well as some fish and chips! If you go out today, remember to be safe and drink responsibly.

On a closing note, I leave you with a traditional Irish blessing of good fortune.

“May you always have
Walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire!”

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Beware the Ides of March


In all serious, I do not think there is much to worry about; Unless, of course, your name is Cesar and you fear being stabbed repetitively(23 times to be specific).

“The word Ides comes from the Latin word “idus”, a word that was used widely in the Roman calendar indicating the approximate day that was the middle of the month. The term ides was used for the 15th day of the months of March, May, July, and October, and the 13th day of the other months. The Ides of March was a festive day dedicated to the god Mars and a military parade was usually held.”

Julius Cesar was the first play that I witnessed and, consequently, my favorite of the Shakespeare pieces. Unfortunately, it seemed very lack luster with a bunch 13 year olds reading the parts aloud when I was  in school.  I would strongly suggest seeing it at a play house or theatre as it is a very strong piece to watch.

Unfortunately, the attached photo is a statue of Augustus Cesar and not Julius. (Photo provided by BigStock)


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Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff + Robert Mapplethorpe

Last night, I was looking for a documentary on Richard Avedon on netflix or Amazon Instant Video and ended up finding this gem. “Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff + Robert Mapplethorpe” is an interesting piece that covers a lot of material on these two people who are still a heavy influence on art community. As an added bonus,  Patti Smith has an integral role in the telling of this story.

Ingrid Sischy’s interviews were the most grating in the documentary. At first it sounded like she was out to demonize Robert Mapplethorpe and then at the end, she turned on Sam Wagstaff. Most of her comments were contrary to anything that I had read on either individual.

Despite Ingrid, the work was well done and quite informative. I would recommend this film to anyone wanting to garner more information  on either Mapplethorpe or Wagstaff (or even on american art culture).

One reviewer states, “The footage about the deaths of these two men from AIDS, Wagstaff in 1987 and Mapplethorpe in 1989. is of course terribly sad as is the way this film ends with the names and dates of their deaths of the many artists in all fields who died of this horrific disease. The voice-over reminds us that they are irreplaceable.” These statements could not be more true.

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Just a quick update.

Voodoo WitchIt has been long week and I have felt that my energy has been draining rapidly. Everything has seemed, an unnecessary, battle. Last weekend, we had to cancel all of our shoots due to issues with heat in the house; I do not take shoot cancellations lightly.

On the other hand, this weekend, I have been able to clean the home studio and get a lot of organization completed so that I can work again.

What is the difference between my home studio and the studio at the Stutz? The studio at the Stutz is where I work with models, lighting and the like. My home studio is where I edit images, work on my painting and even work on traditional/alternative print making from digital negatives.


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Halloween is quickly aproaching.

Halloween will be here soon… in just a few short weeks.

When I was a child, the eve of Halloween was a wondrous thing; The streets filled with pranksters and trick-or-treaters. Today, it seems much more reserved. For me, It just seems to be a time of year when my Facebook page fills with night club and party invites. On the uptake, this is a great time to get some event photography gigs that can expand your portfolio and put some extra cash in the bank. There are all sorts of events that take place that can provide a photographer with opportunities.

Depending on my schedule, I will hit the local Zombie Walk. These Zombie Walks are held nation wide and give you a wide range of candid shots. I do not know about other cities, but the event in Indianapolis is geared to benefit the local food bank.

There are plenty of parties that occur as well as night club events that can yield some opportunity as well. Bars and Nightclubs will often host costume contents and events that are sponsored by local promoters. You can work with these venues and promoters to shoot for the evening or set-up a small photo booth to sell photos to the patrons. Bare in mind that setting up photo booth is hit or miss as far as profitability .

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5d Mark III and other stuff

Canon 5D Mark III

Credit: Canon

Well, I received my Canon 5D Mark III last week and I am giddy as a school girl.  Given that I have been using the Rebel series for some time now, I am trying to get used to the controls and the difference in weight. And believe me, those are some big changes. On a happy note, It reminds me a lot of using my old Canon Elan with its beefy grip and control style.

All in all, I am happy I spent the money. Something that I do not say often as I am a miser who often gets buyer’s regret before I even make the purchase. I will be posting some images soon that result from 5DIII play time as well as my review of the Promote Control.

I also, recently purchased some of the Karl Taylor videos. Once I get a chance to view them, I will post my thoughts on the subject.